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We have been in business over 30 years, often with third generation employees. In addition to conventional Information Technology (IT) services, we provide unique technical services, design and problem solving, including R&D for the private and public sector.  Our customers have included and do include fortune 500, and high profile government agencies.  Our contributions although unpublicized have probably touched you in one way or another over the years.  We also support a number of smaller companies and institutions.

So what are some examples?

A key circuit board on a large defense platform, began to fail after about 20 years. The defense contractor needed to have replacements and spares.  The parts were no longer available, the expertise to redesign and qualify substitute parts was no longer available in house. So we did it for them.

A company with equipment spread across the country, operating in harsh conditions could expect to lose a number of machines each month due to a specific relay like component failure. They needed a component that was solid state, could be miss-wired with no damage to the components or fuses, and operate in an extreme automotive type environment.

A large appliance maker needed to move from mechanical stepped speed control to continuously variable solid state control to keep up with the competition. (All their engineers were mechanical.)

A factory needed to automate a control process that effected the quality of a product millions of people use everyday.  They had a quote for a million dollars, they felt it could be done less expensively. (We figured a way to do it for a tenth of the original cost.)

A company needed to prove their new propulsion system fast.  They needed a system that automated the start sequence, could be reprogrammed by mechanics on the fly and be used for ground test and launch pad operations.  The in-house cost estimate and schedule would have killed the project.  We provided a turnkey custom designed and fabricated system for a fixed price and delivery. 

A group of insurance companies needed to replace 1970's vintage text type policy software to run on modern GUI operating systems. Complete documentation and source code were not available. We redesigned their systems from the ground up to meet their current systems operating behavior with improvements and imported all legacy data.

We have years of experience in electronics, mechanical systems and software in manufacturing, process control, research and development environments. Plus we have helped a number of businesses agencies and institutions automate and improve their business processes.

We have two staffed offices one in Clinton and the other in Picayune MS, as well as facilities provided within our customers locations.

The office in Picayune is interesting in that it is located in the Technology Park built entirely with private funds by L&J Investments.  While various government agencies planned and sought political support for building a similar park, L&J just went out and did it.

In just over five years they went from ground breaking to providing millions of cubic feet of high tech facilities. They recruited businesses and industry and built facilities that have added hundreds of jobs to the local economy. We are proud to be one of the anchor tenants, moving in on day one.  Many of the tenets are our clients.

Enough about us.  What can we do to help you?