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March 28, 2000 - TSC provides upgrades for NASA

TSC has been awarded a contract to provide memory upgrades for Stennis Space Center's High Speed Data Processing systems. The upgrades consist of 36 256M and 512M Kingston memory module kits for HP UNIX systems.

TSC is an authorized retailer of Kingston and other computer products, primarily serving business, industry and scientific specialty markets where it has a consulting presence.

March 8, 2000 - TSC provides NASA Timing Technology

NASA's Stennis Space Center has purchased timing technology products from TSC that are key to upgrading its high performance rocket testing services. The hardware and software bundle increases the precision to which timed events can be controlled during a test.

NASA's E1 test facility is the most advanced of its type in the world utilizing a dozen independent high performance control units (PLCs) that are networked into a single cooperative facility and test control system. The hardware and software provided by TSC synchronizes each PLC's internal sequencer clock to within 100 uSec of a common external IRIG time source. Before this technology was added, each PLCs internal timing could be slightly different. The new technology also provides a higher resolution clock (1 mS vs 10 mS) for more precise timing. Provisions were made for graceful degradation should the external IRIG clock signal fail. Within 10 to 30 mS of an external clock failure the PLC switches back to its internal clock timebase.


February 21, 2000 - TSC offers FileMaker Pro Services

TSC now offers FileMaker Pro database development and hosting services. TSC has experienced FMP developers on staff and through its VideComp Inc. division, it offers FMP database hosting. Utilizing fast Pentium toasting PowerPC servers from, a customer's database can be used to produce dynamic web pages for a wide variety of services including product catalogs and knowledge base management systems. These pages can be seamlessly integrated into a company's existing or new web site. Updates may be performed using the client's preferred web browser.

January 27, 2000 - TSC Secures Merchant Status

TSC secures merchant status with major credit card companies for purchases of traditional and online products and services. Using the processing services of CyberCash, one of the world's premiere e-commerce service providers and the NOVA network, TSC is now able to offer its customer's the ability to make secure credit and debit card payments conventionally with presentation of a card or electronically online via CyberCash's secure site.

January 3, 2000 - NASA Engineer joins TSC staff

W. L. Nail, III has resigned from NASA's Stennis Space Center to spend more time as a TSC consultant and pursue other interests. Previously associated full time with TSC after graduating in 1980 from Mississippi State University with a BSEE until 1984, he then spent three years employed by General Motors and then the last 13 years with NASA. As he worked at GM and NASA he continued to consult part time for TSC on various projects.

While at NASA he received several prestigious national awards, including NASA's Manned Space Flight Awareness Award, NASA's Medal for Exceptional Engineering Achievement, and received jointly with others US and foreign patent awards.

"There is no other place I'd rather be than at Stennis (NASA's Stennis Space Center) and doing what I was doing in the rocket testing group, except I've felt for a while that because of the rapid technological changes effecting everyone, there is a great need to provide sound technical advice and services to organizations and individuals that are not as blessed with the depth of technical resources available at NASA. I couldn't see how those needs would be met staying with NASA full time."