FlipBit -  The Open Design technology for making big inexpensive digital displays.

We recently completed a KickStarter project to raise funds to scale up production of FlipBits. Unfortunately the fund raising effort was not successful, but that doesn't mean the project failed.  We plan to continue production and and product development, just at a slower pace.  You can see information about the KickStarter Project here.

We plan to begin offering products for the public over the next few months, including information on how you can make your own FlipBit based products. Check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Podcast Interview with the creator of the project.



This is the  "teaser" video we put up before launch.


In additional to making FlipBits in house we use 3DHub.com

Get $10 off your first 3D print at 3DHub.com with this link.

Using FlipBit Designer to make a Three-Cent Nickel Interactive Art Piece.

FlipBit Designer Coin Flip from VideComp on Vimeo.

Interactive Art with FlipBits from VideComp on Vimeo.


Introduction to Friction Welding Plastic

Friction Welding Plastic with a Dremel Tool from VideComp on Vimeo.