The Imaginary ACME Customer

There are things we do, lessons we've learned, that just beg to be shared.  But as you can imagine, not everyone is real keen on the idea of being used as an object lesson. Many of our customers are uncomfortable with letting their customers know that they have outside help in key technology areas.

So we thought we might try telling some stories about ACME and fictitious characters.  If you recognize yourself in one of these stories, it is strictly coincidental.  It was probably the changes we made to the story that made it look like you. 

For the record all references to ACME as a corporation or agency are fictitious as are the projects, technology and personnel.


Welcome to our new website.

Welcome to our new site!  After many years of helping others improve their web presence  we decided it was time to move from the late 80's into the 21st century.

As they say:

  • A plumber always has leaky faucets.  
  • A mechanic's car is always breaking down.  
  • A chef never has time for a home cooked meal.  

Often we are so busy helping others leverage technology, that we don't have time to leverage it ourselves. The truth is while a website is great for attracting customers to many kinds of businesses, it can also generate a lot of unwanted attention.  Rarely do we make our first contact with customers from the web.   But, sometimes it is the first contact for one of our customer's supporting organizations like procurement.  So we commit to doing a little better job on making a good first web impression.

So do we do web sites? Yes, but only for a limited set of customers.  Are we seeking your website business? No. But if we design a product or service for you, we will be glad to coordinate building your website to support that product.

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