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Unless you actually plan to use your lathe.

1. If you are reading this, you opened the crate.  While you still (hopefully) have all the parts in one place, take a minute and make sure all the parts that were supposed to be shipped with the lathe, actually did. You may not need these parts now, but you may in a few weeks, months or years. Don't complain later, that something was missing.  As time goes on the odds are greater that you misplaced it.

2. Never attempt to use, operate or adjust the lathe before you understand how to set it up and operate it safely.  All lathes are similar, but each has special considerations. You can not simply remove it from the crate, turn it on, and expect to start using it immediately, without doing damage to the lathe, and possibly yourself.

3. Wear safety goggles, and a face shield while using the machine.  You may also want to wear a shop apron (with no strings that can be pulled into the machine). NO GLOVES.  If working with heavy production pieces or lathe parts, wear steel toed shoes. At least wear sensible closed foot wear, no sandals, bare feet, or high heels.

4. Wear tight fitting clothing, NO GLOVES, NO Necklaces, NO Bracelets, NO Badges, NO Tie Strings or anything else that might become tangled in the machine.  Not wearing gloves may sound counter-intuitive, but it is better to loose a little skin than have your whole hand, wrist, and other parts of your body mangled.  If you have long hair or beard, make sure it is restrained safely.

5. Be alert and ready to hit the emergency stop button at any time.  Bad things can happen quickly. A quick reaction can save you money, and pain.

6. If you have any questions, or you suspect something is not working right, seek advice from LatheMaster or other users experienced in operating similar machines.  Do not continue to run the machine, if noises, vibration, binding or other indicators suggest there is a problem.

7. Keep the machine oiled and lubed as directed in the manual.


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Special Attention

1. Remove the wooden crate. And check whether the standard or special accessories accord with the packing list or not

Please contact the seller for unconformity.

2. Never attempt to use, operate or adjust the lathe before reading the operation manual and understanding the installation procedure.

3. Wear gabedine, approved safety goggles and face shield while using the machine.

4. Forbidden to wear gloves, high-heel shoes and skirts

5. Be subject to alteration without notice during the production procedure.

6. Under the condition of normal use and maintenance. ith the operation is not satisfied, please contact the seller



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