Things We Can Talk About


This is an initiative we started to freely share some successful ideas about Man-Machine interaction. PictureScript is the name of a chat notation that can be used to interactively and programmatically direct machines. We are documenting, providing experimental tools and training materials as our time and resources allow.  Journal Entries / Videos

Knowledge Base Management

We provide free software for building small and large scale KBM systems.  We make money by teaching organizations how to capture, organize, access, and control their corporate knowledge. We also provide customization services.

Thrust Measurement Systems Calibration Improvements

For years, complex multi-axis measuring systems, on the nation's test stands have suffered from having to choose between methods that seemed to give better results and those that could be proved mathematically. TSC personnel with no funding have developed the mathematical proofs for the better method, hopefully allowing the better techniques to be more widely used.

Application Software Design 

Software and Hardware R&D

TSC has been awarded both private and government sponsored software and hardware R&D projects. While many of the projects are secret, several have been released to the public and others are shipping in products by sponsoring organizations.  

We built our first electric research vehicle in 1975, and presented it in a number of venues as well as using it for daily commuting.  This was when you had to build most of your parts, and repurpose others.  Now you can buy motors, controls, chargers, and batteries designed for electrics and hybrids.  In 1977-1980 we worked on a hybrid platform.