The First SCATU (Artist Rendering - Andrew Le)

The Simple Cellular Alarm Telemetry Unit was designed by TSC for utilities to monitor remote stations for problems.

Key design goals were:

  • Zero Configuration (By end user)
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Zero (additional) Infrastructure 
  • Low cost 


Above - The First Prototype SCATU Deployed in the Field

Below - The Second Generation SCATU being tested before Deployment, Actual Messaging from real world install.

How it works:

  • If the SCATU detects a problem it sends Text Messages (SMS) to authorized mobile phones.
  • A Service person is dispatched to the station.
  • The Service Person presses the Service Button when he arrives to notify the same mobile numbers.


Set Up:

  • The Unit is preprogrammed with site specific info like the name of the station, its location, alarm message text, and mobile phone numbers prior to shipment.
  • Upon arrival the unit is mounted with included stainless steel hardware.
  • One cable is connected to sense system power, and the station's alarm circuit.
  • An Arming Plug is removed to enable the system.
  • A Test button is used to simulate an alarm and verify the mobile phones receive the message.



  • Rugged Outdoor NEMA 4X construction  -10 to 50C rating
  • The SCATU is self contained and electrically and mechanically isolated from the system being monitored.
  • Double Insulated - Isolated Construction 
  • Lightning Resistant
  • Solar Powered - Optional parasitic power charging from the power sense line.
  • The internal Lithium Ion battery can last up to 3 weeks with little direct sunlight on the solar cell.
  • 20 Minute or less install (by a qualified electrician or service person)


Budgetary Prices:  Please note that these are budgetary prices only and can vary geographically as dealer to dealer. This is because of a number of factors, including shipping costs, overhead, city and state taxes. Local dealers add value by understanding your unique situations and ensuring the unit is programmed to best meet your needs.  For the latest pricing information check with your local dealer or go to www.SCATU.US

1 - $1499, (Includes initial programing and one year warranty)

10 - $1449 each

50 - $1299 each

100 - $1199 each


  • 110V (standard) or 24V sensing
  • Additional Alarm/Message Channel
  • Additional Mobile Numbers in message list (up to eight )
  • Text to Email, Text to Fax, Text to Voice
  • Parasitic charger in addition  to solar rechargeable battery for sunless or indoor locations.
  • Extended warrantee - maintenance


  • Is a cell phone contract required? The receiver of the SCATU messages must have a cell phone plan that accepts text messages (SMS).
  • Do I have to pay a wireless carrier for the text messages? If you receive a text message from the SCATU, you will be charged or not charged depending on your cell phone plan. 
  • How much does sending text messages from the SCATU cost? $99 to $120 per year depending on the number of mobile numbers programmed.
  • Is there a limit to the number of alarm messages that are sent? No hard limit, but exceeding 2000 messages may result in an increased cost the following year. $.05/message is a good budgetary figure.
  • Which cellular company is used? The primary and secondary provider have very good coverage in most of the USA and others are available that fill in the gaps.
  • What if I prefer using my own cellular provider and contract? Getting a cellular device to work with a specific carrier is not always an easy task, for a fee we can assist you in determining if your carrier is able to provide the service.  Usually contacting with your carrier will be more expensive.
  • What is the lead time to delivery?  One to six weeks depending on current stock and demand.
  • Is the system guaranteed to send an alarm message? No. SMS messages generally go through in a few minutes, but occasionally the network can loose messages or delay their delivery. But most of the time the messages do go though. In field testing we have found SMS reliability to be in excess of 99%.
  • How do I program the SCATU? You don't, the manufacturer or distributor does it for you. All you have to do is mount and connect.
  • What if I want to move the SCATU to another location?  How do I get the location part of the messages changed?  Reprograming is handled remotely by the manufacturer or distributer for a small fee. Currently $25. The fee is usually waved if you have a maintenance contract. You can also request a generic location like "Lift Station Monitor 1", and just track which SCATU is installed where.
  • What if I need a mobile number changed? Reprograming is handled remotely by the manufacturer or distributer for a small fee.
  • What if I don't have good cell coverage? Generally the signal requirements for text messages are less than for voice.  The SCATU reports to your provider daily on the cell signal strength, so he can tell if the signal is marginal and notify you if something needs to be done.
  • Is there a way to test my location for cell coverage? Yes, take your cell phone and see if you get a signal.
  • What if I can't get a signal at my proposed install location? You may need to invest in a pole mounted transceiver.  Adding 10 to 20 feet of height often helps in fringe areas.
  • My site is in a shady location. What if the SCATU does't get enough sun to recharge the battery? The SCATU only needs a few hours of sun a week to stay charged and can go up to 3 weeks seeing little sun. You can also use the optional parasitic charger. The disadvantage of the parasitic charger is that the SCATU will no longer be completely isolated from the electrical grid.  This may result in an increased chance of lightening damage.
  • Where can I buy a SCATU?  The manufacturer is seeking additional distributors. Who do you buy equipment from now? Maybe they would like to be a distributor.

Want to buy from a Veteran Owned Small Business? Contact Ron Henderson at ShieldSpec LLC .

  • Can I buy SCATU's directly from you? You can, we are an authorized factory representative, as well as being the designers, but we don't want to take business from a local distributor if you have one.
  • Whose idea was this? Cliff Diamond, General Manager of Pearl River County Utility Authority had the basic idea.  We added a few of our own with his concurrence. 

Current Brochure 

SCATU Brochure V3 (pdf 4MB)

Press Information

Press Release 3-28-11



Note: This page is informational only.  Specifications are subject to change without notice.