[New for 2016]

The TSC StripeGauge is a patent pending, easy to use instrument for measuring thickness of striping and other markers on pavement, such as highways, roads, and parking areas. Simply place the gage over the stripe and read the thickness in english or metric units, even in direct sunlight.

It is a rugged yet accurate tool that provides an objective determination of whether the striping contractor is meeting the job requirements - or not.

A city engineer on first use of the gage exclaimed:

"This is a striping contractor's worst nightmare... or best friend!"


The StripeGuage is an indispensible tool for City, County and State engineers as well as for inspectors and contractors.

The StripeGauge incorporates a new method of measurement that allows precise thicknesses to be determined at a distance, and reduces the effects of surface irregularities significantly.

StripeGauges come in a rugged waterproof travel case, which is suitable as checked baggage, or may be placed in the back of a truck with tools without fear of damage.  The case has cutouts for accessories and adjustment tools.






If you are interested in learning more about the technologies that make the StripeGauge work, please fill out the information request form.  If you are ready to buy, and have received an invitation click here.

The online price is $1475 plus shipping.

If you have not received an invitation, you may request one using the information request form.


Height: 40.5 inches

Measuring Range:

0 - 0.400 inches (0-400 mils),

0 - 11.00 mm  

(other ranges available)

Error Reduction Technique: 3 point simultaneous average

Resolution: 0.0005 inches, 0.01 mm

Repeatability: 0.0005 inches, 0.01 mm

Maximum Error: +/- 0.001 inches, 0.02 mm

Battery Life: About 18,000 hours of continuous use.

Temperature Range: 

32 to 104F, 0 to 40C Operating

14 to 140F, -10 to 60C Storage

Display: Sunlight Visible Reflective LCD, 5 Digits, 8.4 mm Height

The device is currently available to a limited number of engineering firms and government agencies. For more information contact TSC.

Designed and built in the USA.*

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Approximately 80% USA manufactured and sourced materials. The linear transducer and display electronics are imported from a world renown laboratory instrument maker.